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Five Reasons Why You Need Rainscreen Facades

How do you decide whether you need a rain screen for your house or not? It is understandable how you can be confused. Well here is a little something to help you along in your decision making.

The top benefits of rain screen facade for the building

Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why you need a terracotta rainscreen installed on your house.

1. Offers you beautiful protection

Protect your house from the punishing nature of the elements all the while having it look extremely aesthetically pleasing. The entire system of rain screens is so flexible that it gives an architect or a designer a lot of artistic licenses to work with. You can choose from an array of vertical, horizontal or even diagonal rain screens.

Competent designers have also come up with a very clever way to combine the horizontal and vertical design into one and create something that looks almost like a work of art and not just a way to protect your walls this monsoon.

2. It is extremely user-friendly

The installation is very simple to carry out for someone who knows the basic ins and outs of construction work. You just need to get the design dimensions and calculations right.

The main part that needs precision is that the design does not get compressed once installed as this will affect the air blanket created, that acts as a layer of protection against moisture.

3. Installing a rain screen eliminates the need of extra furring strips

It’s a one-stop protection against weather. The rain screen eliminates 95% of thermal transmission. Not having the furring strip also decimates any moisture that will by any chance get trapped in the cavities in the wall. It also saves labor charges and time as well.

A better ventilation and circulation of moisture is also ensured along with all these, thus eliminating any and all sources for mold or fungi to take root.

4. Rains screens today are multifunctional and versatile

It could even save the owner up to four percentage of the total cost of installing other protective measures. There is no wastage of resources and the sidings have the added benefit that they age gracefully.

5. Additional Aesthetics

The natural beauty of the system adds substantially to the aesthetics of even commercial buildings, all the while never compromising on quality. It can be directly screwed onto the outer surface of any building, irrespective of size.

Invest in the Right Architectural Facades

Architectural facade can just mean that you have to worry less about a lot of things. Your house takes care of you. Now it’s time that you take care of it. Provide rain screens to your walls. The recent advancements in designing have made it possible for you to not have to choose between beauty and quality. Find the most beautiful and durable rain screens at Telling and choose the one that was meant for your house.

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Discover new issue in the digital building upheaval

Industry of building services have dramatically developed in recent few years. The thing is that the vast majority of customers tends to pursue fashion booms and oddity of architecture in building sphere. Due to this reason engineers are looking for creative solutions that satisfy not only every customer’s taste, but also business objectives and ability to design and accomplish services into gorgeous and up-to date buildings in suitable and connecting way.

As far as revolution in digital building is concerned, the head specialist group of Electrical Contractor’s Organisation, Steve Martin mentioned that there is a new era in building field and the main cause of it is “Internet of Things”.  If you have not known about this term before and wonder what it means, we will further explain you in detail. Internet of things is the internetworking of physical devices, buildings and other items embedded with electronics and access to internet connection that enable to collect objects and exchange data. With development of its brilliant function, life and others spheres of it becomes easier, including building services. In fact, according to market analysts IDC, the value of the global Internet-of-Things market is expected to rise essentially to $1.7 trillion in the next four years. The problem is that not so many buildings are considered to be “smart”, nearly twenty percent of it, as a result, there is large possibility that the building market will grow, however a lot of the enterprises would not be ready for technological progress.

According to one survey that was held on November and December 2016, 230 respondents who are such building service workers like consultants, builders, engineers, clients and facility managers. Over the half of answerers, to be precise 60%, mentioned that they have already known regarding “Internet of Things” and do not mind to use it during their job. On other hand, 35% of respondents said that they agreed to some extent with using it, but have vague understanding of “connected technology”. The last 5% stated that did not see the point in ‘Internet of Things’ and disagree in architect application. All in all, a lot of workers have already known about it and have a burning ambition to step with time progress.

The recent advances in engineering with lightening checkup, energy saving and smart meters trigger of increasing usage of BIM which carry out new opportunities for clients and contractors. Taken this fact into account, then we could see how to use Internet of Things and allow it to make our lives and working process easier and more comfortable. For instance, if you have an access to the data and control it in any time you need, you will enhance building monitoring and maintenance. Due to these reasons, such development like connected technology should not be underestimated.

Nowadays, there are by far not so many building companies that are ahead of their time. One of the most progressive is considered to be Piggott and Whitfield building services company. It tends to work with innovative and brand new materials and technologies and offer wide range of different aspect that cover all directions of construction industry. There is no doubt that in a few years this service company will make amazing breakthroughs.

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