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The possibilities of winning real money: true stories of gambling gains

Games of chance are highly profitable for everyone because of the set of advantages. Not only they are easy to play as one, two, three, but also you have the golden opportunity to win enormous sum of money. Furthermore, there are many variants of them, such as blackjack, roulette, slots, all types of lotteries, keno, bingo, poker, baccarat etc. So, you will not dwell on one game but have wonderful possibility to try all of them.

The history of these games dates bake to ancient times. Most of the casinos are originated in Europe, India and China. However, gambling practiced only in form of betting and throwing bones. Later, the cards were invented for divination and playing first popular games of chance in taverns and brothels. Gambling was becoming more and more popular and beneficial that even nobility addicted to them. The heyday of these games is the time of Louis XIII and XIV of France and moves to other courts of Europe. To play gambling in history means “noble fashion” and the vast majority of bourgeoisie hurried to learn how to play right. The information of past times states that it was really honorable activity to play different gambling games. What about the information of present times?

It is high time to consider the detailed information, latest draw results and wining of jackpots nowadays.

Earlier Joseph Jagger was mechanic in the cotton industry. Once he tried to play casino and placed his bets on numbers like 7, 17, 8, 18, 9, 19. Over the next few days, his winning sum was empyreal, $ 375, 000. His life changed dramatically after this once and for all. He does not need to work hard now, so he retired and invested money in his business.

However, not only do casual workers play roulette, but also billionaire businessmen. For instance, owner of Newcastle United Football, Mike Ashley placed bet on the 17 number. The number 17 is a popular bet in roulette, probably because it lies right in the middle of the betting table. At the Fifty St James Casino in Mayfair, Mike Ashley won 480,000 pounds betting only on his lucky number in 2008. In the end he won more than £1,300,000 for a net profit of £820,000. It was kind of magic that the ball landed exactly on 17 making the Mike Ashley more successful and richer man.

Computer programmer from England, Mr. Boyd managed to save $ 220,000. In one of Las Vegas casino he bet all his money on red. The problem is that many of casinos could not take such a large bet, however Binion’s Horseshoe Casino accept his wager. Luckily for Boyd, the ball fell on the red and he doubled his money. He did not want to place more bets, he took his huge profit and continue to live his life to the fullest.

The next story is concerning 8-year-old boy who won 500,000 dollars in an Online Poker Room. It comes as quite surprise that small kid could win this crazy profit by his own. But it is the truth! He is computer genius and gifted child, who can use computer at the age of three. When he reached the age of six, he created webpages and take to gambling websites, especially to poker pages. He was smart enough and used his father account to win half of million dollars. The problem is that poker rooms refused to pay out his profit because he is underage. If you have a huge desire to start with something simple, the perfect choice for you is Roulette because it is enthusiastic and pretty straightforward. By the way, Apnet is the best website that offers top of gambling services worldwide. Online casinos have a lot of cons, one of which is to be a member you do not need to fly to Vegas. There is a great possibility to enjoy the game from your own home. So, find best roulettes and other gambling games in Apnet. Do not hesitate and try you chance to become roulette millionaire!

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