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Benefits of Setting Up Small Sound Recording Labels in the UK

Like every industry is rising, the sound recording labels are also seeing a growth in the UK. The musicians, singers, lyricist, band players, and solo performers are moving towards setting up a small sound recording label. They are getting out of the typical chief labels and going all out independently. Most of them are working towards to establish their name in the market and improve their earning potential and identity. It’s not a secret, that everyone loves listening different kinds of music, and there people who love the frisky sound of hundred dropping coins – are you one of those guys?

Know The Benefits And Method To Establish Your Own Sound Recording Label In UK.

Streaming and Sales Royalties

  • Labels and performers can earn streaming and sales royalties. This is one of the motivating factors that is making an artist come out from the brand labels.
  • The download and streaming royalties received from Spotify and iTunes will be close to seventy percent of the cost of each iTunes You can win up to £0.003 for streaming on the Spotify.
  • The owners of the small sound recording owners can make use of financial forecasting sheets and calculate their earning potential.

Licensing and Publishing

  • Music licensing and publishing is a rapidly growing critical revenue stream for autonomous artists and labels.
  • Publishing means the possession of compositions and songs.
  • Licensing will make your music accessible for sync transactions with Visual Medias that include movies, TV programs, games, and adverts.
  • You must get your tracks registered with the PRO. In the UK the PRS and the PPL are the PRO.
  • PRO means Performing Right Organisations.
  • Once you register with the PRO, you not only get sync transactions but also eligible for radio play and public performance royalties.

Justin Karl Michael Broadrick (JKB)

  • Justin Karl Michael Broadrick famously known as JKB in the UK was born in Birmingham in England on 15th Aug 1969.
  • He is a drummer, guitarist, song composer, and singer.
  • Initially, he was in the grindcore band during his teenage.
  • He founded the band Godflesh, which combined the components of industrial music and extreme metals.
  • JKB also produced recordings and remixing for Hydra Head labelmates Pelican, Mogwai, Isis, and Pantera.
  • Broadrick is known for setting up record labels like Heartache, Lo Fibre, Uprising Productions, Avalanche Recordings and HeadDirt.
  • JKB formed the British new band called as Jesu in 2003. It was created after breaking Godflesh in 2002.
  • Jesu’s sound had heavy texture and layer, incorporated with an assorted mix of powers.

Avalanche Recordings

As early as 1999 Justin K Broadrick formed an independent small sound recording label called Avalanche Recordings. It was named by Broadrick’s, the same as his recording studio, Avalanche Studio. It releases JKB’s side projects.


Inspired by JKB’s Avalanche Recordings? Just get going with your small sound recording label and have fun. Many independent small sound labels have achieved success in connecting with the leading recording organization and negotiate beneficial contracts with them. They agree to distribute music for the brand label or buy your label. You can always feel proud of having your label.